Demo (flash)

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This demonstration shows an overview of the use of Acceleo.

It begins with an UML Model, then tests the application of a template and massively generates source code.


This demonstration shows the environment for creating Acceleo modules.

CSharp generation

This demo provides a quick tour of the UML to CSharp generative module..

JEE generation

Php generation

PHP5 application generation

This demonstration shows how to generate a PHP5 application from an UML2 model.

Use of the generated code

This demonstration illustrates how to use the generated code, implementing the following features :

  • Author creation
  • Displaying authors
  • Selection and removal of several authors

Modification of the model and regeneration of the code.

Here is the demonstration of the incremental generation. This functionality is illustrated by adding a 'nickName' attribute to the 'Author' class  .

Generating XHTML from a DSM

This demo is a quick tour of the MindMap generation module

Generating Python

This demo does a quick tour of the Ecore2Python generative module..