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You have landed on 2.x maintenance stream website.

The last version is now available on the Eclipse website.


Acceleo is a code generator transforming models into code (MDA approach).

Acceleo is easy to use. It provides "off the shelf" generators (JEE, .Net, Php...) and template editors for Eclipse.

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Watch the screencasts and the screenshots showing Acceleo in action.

Generator modules

The module repository provides a set of "ready-to-use" generators targeting many languages and technologies:

Documentation and Help

The project provides a detailed documentation and a very reactive web forum for user issues.


Acceleo is an Open Source software based on the Eclipse platform. The generators also are open-source, you may modify them according to the module license.

The Acceleo team is open to any idea, suggestion or contribution done using the forum or the bug reports . If you want to take part in development of Acceleo you should have a look at this section.