Acceleo Modules Repository

You have landed on 2.x maintenance stream website.

The last version is now available on the Eclipse website.

Official Modules

The official modules are stable and polished enough to be used for a project and setup in a software development cycle.

The target technologies are stable and well-known.

Name Target Metamodel License
.Net UML 1.4 GPL V2.0
Java/Hibernate UML 2.1 EPL
GUI models UML 2.1 GPL V2.0
Java UML 2.1 EPL V1.0
Java UML 2.1 EPL V1.0

Incubated modules

A Module may be in incubation phase because :

  • the module developers just think it's an "experimental work"
  • the module is not stable enough to be used in real-world projects
  • the target technologies are very young or considered as instable

Name Target Metamodel License
C UML 2.1 EPL V1.0
PHP/Dolibarr UML2.1 EPL
Python DSL Ecore EPL
Java/JDBC/Servlets/JSP UML 2.1 EPL
Php/Smarty/Pear UML 2.1 EPL
Php/Zend DSL Ecore GPL V2.0
Zope 3 UML 2.1 EPL

Other modules

This section gathers example modules or modules made for tutorials.

These generators are useful when one wants to evaluate the Acceleo features and setup a model driven process on simple examples.

Name Target Metamodel License
Python DSL GPL V2.0
: Generators you may install right away using the module repository update-site