Acceleo 1.1.0 - New and noteworthy

Acceleo 1.1 is now officialy released, this version provides a better compatibility, better performances and new features.

Compatibility with Eclipse 3.2

Acceleo 1.1 is compatible with Eclipse 3.2, then it's now possible to benefit from the latests innovations of the Eclipse projects regarding the model driven architecture.

Acceleo 1.1 within Eclipse 3.2
Figure :Acceleo 1.1 within Eclipse 3.2

Compatibility with GNU/Linux

Acceleo 1.1 works flawlessly on GNU/Linux sytems. A part of the Acceleo team now code directly using Gnu/Linux.

Acceleo 1.1 works flawlessly on GNU/Linux sytems
Figure :Acceleo 1.1 works flawlessly on GNU/Linux

Compatibility with many more modelers

Acceleo 1.1 has a better compatibility with UML modelers, commercial ones (Rational Rose) or open source ones (ArgoUml, Poseidon, Umbrello).

Open-source modeler Umbrello
Figure :Open-source modeler Umbrello

an Umbrello model with Acceleo
Figure :an Umbrello model with Acceleo

Domain Specific Modelers support

Thanks to the GMF project it is now possible to generate specific modelers corresponding to a given meta-model. Acceleo can be fully integrated in this developement process.

GMF Specific Modeler
Figure :GMF Specific modeler

Acceleo using a custom meta-model
Figure :Acceleo using a custom meta-model

Better user experience

Both the user experience and the Eclipse integration have been enhanced. For instance a progress bar is now available when generating many files.

Enhanced syntax completion
Figure :Enhanced syntax completion

Types auto-adaptation

Acceleo now uses the Adapters Eclipse mecanism in order to provide a generation language where types are automatically converted.

For instance the string "1" is automatically converted in an integer if needed and "true" in its boolean value.

XPath support

Models navigation services have been improved with XPath. It's now possible to navigate using XPath axes : ancestor, descendant or following.

Code source XPath : get the siblings of an element

Bugfixes and performances enhancements

The Acceleo core has been refactored in order to get better performances and to prepare for futur changes.

Thanks to the user feedback of the 1.0.1 and the 1.1RC1 version, many bugs have been fixed.

A new hosting

Acceleo will soon be hosted on a new platform. This platform will provide services like source code repository and bugzilla.

New tutorials

The Acceleo documentation has been improved with some tutorials in order to facilitate the installation of Acceleo, the generation of code or the creation of a new generator module.

Tutorial : Quickstart
Tutorial : First generator module
These documentations are aimed to facilitate the installation and use of Acceleo, if you need more information, an advanced 300 pages documentation is available on the Obeo website.
Obeo - documentation