Acceleo 1.2.0 - New and Noteworthy

The long awaited Acceleo 1.2 is released. As usual this build brings new features and the community is more and more lively thanks to the ObjectWeb platform.

New license

Acceleo is now licensed, as many Eclipse plugins, under the EPL license. This open-source license eases the integration and distribution of Acceleo with complementary products.

ObjectWeb platform

The platform provided by ObjectWeb is now fully used. The Acceleo source code is available using Subversion, bug tracking and patches are now publics and many mailing lists are available :

  • : the project news and announces
  • : user related issues
  • : everything about the Acceleo development

This opening eases the external contributions and we have quickly seen the appearance of new patches.

New indent services

Acceleo 1.2 provides special services in order to handle code indentation while generating. A new documentation describing these services is available.

Using indent services
Figure :Using indent services

.chain files with parameters

Acceleo 1.2 brings in many enhancements concerning the generation kick-off. The launching files (.chain files) may now have parameters and can call other .chain files.

You may use parameters :

  • to substitute objects
  • to substitute values

Launching file starting another file
Figure :Launching file starting another file

Chain file with parameters
Figure :Chain file with parameters

Launching from an ANT task

It is now possible to kick-off a generation from an ANT task, without the need for any user interaction. This feature is valuable when the development process uses continuous integration.


Acceleo 1.2 fixes some bugs :

306461Can't use a Class named element in a metamodel* 04/12/2006 12:05
306463code lost inside of the user code tags* 04/12/2006 12:09
306472a "Resource /demo.weblog.model is not open" error on a closed project* 04/12/2006 13:49
306496String index out of range, with comment in an empty script  08/12/2006 16:47
306546Problem traversing attributes with multiplicity > 1 in for loops  05/01/2007 13:31