Acceleo 2.1.0 - New and Noteworthy

As planned the 2.1.0 maintenance version brings in compatibility with Eclipse 3.3 "Europa". A few enhancements have been made in the template editor and this release brings the first stable version of the interactive debugger.

Have a look on the Acceleo 2.0.0 new and noteworthy page.

Eclipse 3.3 compatibility

The Acceleo code generator is now compatible with Eclipse 3.3.

Eclipse 3.3
Figure :Eclipse 3.3

First stable release of the template debugger

A first stable version of the debugger is available with Acceleo 2.1.0, using this debugger you'll be able to toggle breakpoints in a template and evaluate this template step by step.

Acceleo  Debugger
Figure :Acceleo debugger in action

This debugger provides the following features:

  • resume : to resume the evaluation.
  • F6 - step over : to get the result of the expression without going into a sub-script.
  • F5 - step into : to go to the next evaluation step going into sub-scripts as needed.
  • step return : to directly get the result of the current step.
  • terminate : to suspend the exection.

The general behavior of the debugger is the following : it stops on each dynamic area on a line with an active breakpoint. There are two stops for each highlighted instruction : the first one to get the input state and the second one to get the output of this evaluation.

You may also define conditional breakpoints, to do so you should left-click on the mouse and write the condition's expression.

Condition on breakpoint
Figure :Acceleo debugger : conditional breakpoint

Editor enhancements

The template editor has now a few more assists, more precisely completion on meta-model URIs and icons on types completion.

URIs completion
Figure :URIs completion
Icons on types auto-completion
Figure :Icons on types auto-completion


As a maintenance build Acceleo 2.1.0 brings in a few bugfixes :

307193Impossible to iterate over generated areas for a model18/06/2007