Acceleo 1.2.0

These downloads are under the terms of the EPL license.

Here's a quick overview of the new features :

  • Licence change, Acceleo is now EPL
  • A generation process can be launched within an Ant task (experimental)
  • New code indent services
  • The launching chains (.chain) can now launch subchains and may need parameters.
You'll get a detailed list of the new features on the new and noteworthy for Acceleo 1.2.0 page.


Acceleo requires Eclipse, EMF and UML2 to work. These softwares are provided by the community on the Eclipse website.
Eclipse 3.2.1
EMF 2.2.2
UML2 2.0.3

Acceleo 1.2.0 doesn't works with Eclipse 3.1.*

These downloads are the normal Acceleo installation. They contain only the features and plugins. There is no source, documentation or developer files. End users should install these.
Platform Download
All (size:6.4M)
These downloads include Acceleo and all of its requirements.
Platform Download
All bundle-emf-uml2-acceleo-1.2.0 (size:13.2M)
All bundle-emf-uml2-gmf-acceleo-1.2.0 (size:22.1M)
This download is the developer's SDK. It contains the runtime plugins, source and documentation for developers that want to extend and use Acceleo.
Platform Download
All (size:6.2M)
These downloads are the project samples, containing a sample generator.
Platform Download
All sample module (size:1.3M )