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François Gaudin Makina Corpus

" I discovered MDE during a school project on MIA Generation. We had to generate a dynamic XML reader/writer for a given XML schema. I’ve immediatly noticed how fun it could be to generate database persistence for a website. [..]

. A pros for Acceleo is its basement on Eclipse. It provides a complete environment for MDE with EMF (to define a DSL) and GMF (to define a user-friendly modeler). It’s quick to understand and problems you encounter are more due to modelisation or architecturing than the tool Acceleo. Even if I or some other users can have more feature requirements, Acceleo manages very well to do what it is intended for : generate code. "

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Jérôme Benois Argia Engineering

" [..] After trying AndroMDA, I created my own tool PragMaTic in order to offer a more flexible solution and aimed at being simpler to apprehend. but then, Acceleo appeared in the Open-Source landscape!

Convinced by the power of this new platform, and the dynamism of Acceleo Team, I decided to join this community. I rewrote with ease the majority of my generators towards this platform. I appreciate the richness of documentation, as well as the quality of integration to the Eclipse platform. I use Topcased and Acceleo for UML2 modeling & generation.[..] "

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Pascal Lindelauf Yellowtail

  "I'd just like to say that I think Acceleo would make a great basis for the Eclipse Model-To-Text Project. Yellowtail has always been looking for ways to fundamentally fasten its software development efforts.
   Having tried Acceleo with our latest project, I have to say that this has been one of the most promising MDD/MDA type of technology we've seen up until now.
   Its really practical approach on MDA has allowed us to apply it most successfully in our project. [...]"

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