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The last version is now available on the Eclipse website.


Combined with the Model Driven Architecture approach (MDA), Acceleo is currently the most powerful code generator tool of its generation for Model Driven Development (MDD) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE).

Acceleo is the result of several man-years of R&D started in the French company Obeo. It is based on the latest research advances and industrial best practices and offers outstanding advantages :
  • High customizability
  • Interoperability
  • Easy kick off
  • Traceability management

Functionalities :

  • OpenSource
  • Full integration within eclipse
  • Native use of EMF
  • Edition and development environment
  • Compatibility with UML2, UML1, Merise, DSL, ...
  • Ability to target any technology


Modules are Acceleo plugins for code generation. Each module is technology specific.

They provide on-the-shelf industrialization solutions with high reliability and fast implementation.


A module is made of several templates that describe the information required to generate source code from a meta-model. Within each template, several scripts enable the user to customize the generator accurately.